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K.Donelaitis „The Seasons“ verse – in young Spanish poet poems

A talented young Spanish poet, that has been Kaunas university of technology Spanish language lecturer Joaquín Carmona Rodríguez, recently published a poem collection „Kaunas. Amber and nickel“(KAUNAS. ÁMBAR Y NÍQUEL). During these days, news have reached us, that the collection has been awarded by the international 2017 famous poet Juan Alcaide (1907-1951) poetry award. The interesting fact is, that every award laureate collection poem starts with Kristijonas Donelaitis The Seasons“(„Las estaciones del año“) verse translation to Spanish.

K.Donelaitis „The Seasons“ translator to Spanish language is Vilnius university, foreign languages institute associate professor, that lives in Lithuania, Carmen Caro Dugo, who translated Antanas Baranauskas “The Forest of Anykščiai” to Spanish this year, shares these news and says, that she very happy to see K. Donelatis still existing in another publication and that he talks to the young poetry readers.

We asked the honorary associate professor to contact with the author of this collection and to inquire on how this idea came to him to use K.Donelaitis “The Seasons” verses in his poetry, that were translated to Spanish by her. We got a reply, that at the start of his poetry collection, he wrote an explanation, which when translated to Lithuanian language by the associate professor sounds like this:

“I wrote these poems between 2016 September and 2017 May, when I was working as a Spanish language lecturer in Kaunas university of technology. All poem names are real verses from K.Donelaitis “The Seasons” due to Carmen Caro Dugo translation. It is one of the most famous and the most expanded Lithuanian literature creations, it is said that it is written between 1765 and 1775. 


Citizens of Marijampolė - on Donelaitis route

That is how we can call Marijampolės Kristijono Donelaičio association aim, to organise a more meaningful event at least once in a year, dedicated for the city society, project (financed by Marijampolė municipality administration) partners and guests. That is why on April 28th, Friday, in Marijampolė municipality council hall in an international conference „Readings: for Minor Lithuania and Kristijonas Donelaitis“ a numerous crowd of Marijampolė citizens and guests have gathered. Scientists Daiva and Sigitas Narbutai from Vilnius, lecturers from Kaunas, Druskininkai, two delegations from Kaliningrad region: Įsrutis (Chernyachovsk) pedagogical institute students and lecturers, also Stalupėnai (Nesterov) culture, education employees. All association events purpose – to continue the educational mission, spread the news about Lithuanian literature initiator K. Donelaitis works, about Minor Lithuania meaning for the major Lithuania culture, education and art.

The event started with memorial worship in the evangelical Lutheran church, which were held by a bishop Mindaugas Sabutis, the priests Darius Petkūnas and Marijampolė citizen Vaidas Klesevičius have helped. Although it rained abundantly, a memorial of the poet has been honoured near the monument. 


Donelaitis years echo

For  few years Santariškės kids hospital in Vilnius  park, about ten  Vilnija region folk artists rolled oaks, carved various sculptures, adorned the environment. On 2014 – K.Donelaitis jubilee years, the surgeon of  this hospital Vidmantas Kviklys, talently hammered almost three metres tall Kristijonas Donelaitis sculpture with his chisel.

It is a pitty, but in the autumn of this year, when wind scattered the aging leaves of the park, a talented sixty eight year old child saver, doctor, folk artist V.Kviklys went out to the Eternity. Sculpture plein air organizer Antanas Stackevičius, while looking at this sculpture and being sorry for the loss of his author, says: „In accordance with Jurgis and the hat – the man was like a masonry“....


Romualdas Šimkūnas

K.Donelaitis association’s activities and magazine “Donelaičio žemė" presented for American Lithuanians

The editor of the magazine “Donelaičio žemė" Algis Vaškevičius visited the United States of America. One of the main objectives of his visit was meetings with Lithuanians who live in Chicago and the presentation of Kristijonas Donelaitis association and magazine.

A.Vaškevičius met with Vydūnas Youth Fund board members in the World’s Lithuanians' centre in  Lemont. A.Vaškevičius talked with them for more than two hours, during which, he found out about ongoing work of this fund. Recently, Vydūnas Youth Fund celebrated its 65th anniversary.  The main focus of this fund is scholarships for students. Annually, students in Lithuania's higher education schools receive about 60 scholarships, their sizes are from 200 to 100 thousand dollars. Scholarships are also received by the Lithuanian students, who study at higher education establishments in the United States of America, Australia, Great Britain, Canada and other countries.

Vydūnas Youth Fund pays a lot of attention to the promotion of Vydūnas personality. During the meeting, A.Vaškevičius emphasized, that K.Donelaitis association in Lithuania closely cooperates with Vydūnas association.  Its honour Chairman’s Vacys Bagdonavičius articles are often printed in "Donelaičio žemė" pages. For the approaching Vydūnas 150th anniversary, which will be marked in March of the coming year, many publications about this famous person will be ready and printed on magazine pages.

Vydūnas Youth Fund board chairman Gintaras Plačas, secretary Vida Brazaitytė and other board members were very interested in K.Donelaitis association’s activities. The editor A.Vaškevičius got asked various questions about the history of association’s work and plans. It was agreed to print more information about very important activities of this Fund in "Donelaičio žemė" pages – you will be able to read about it in magazine which will be published in June.


K.Donelaitis museum in Tolminkiemis awaits an exhibit: law nuance is in the way

Lithuania and Russia Kaliningrad region Culture ministry right now does not find a decision, on how to pass on the exposition prepared by Lithuania national museum to Kristijonas Donelaitis museum in Tolminkiemis. So far, it is unclear about the museum infrastructure destiny – Donelaitis association says they do not get any information from the Culture ministry, if they will support this project.

Kristijonas Donelaitis exposition in the memorial museum has been renewed three years ago, when celebrating Lithuanian literature classic 300 year anniversary. Kaliningrad region funded the museum facade and inner walls renovation, they fixed the roof and the tower. Lithuania promised to make a new exposition. Lithuanian National museum already selected the values, which will be brought here for ten years. Among the exposition given to Tolminkiemis church – expositional showcases, antique furniture, sculptures, other art creations, altar curtains. Culture ministry  approves, that the new exposition was not given to temporarily keep for the museum, because of law and technical obstacles – it is said to be done in the near future.

In autumn the EU funded Lithuania and Kaliningrad region cooperation program, could be expected to get a million euros, for which they will fix museum engineering network, as well as the former rectory building or rebuild the widows” house. However, Donelaitis museum needs to find a partner in Lithuania, which would submit an application together. „Tolminkiemis gets into one important priority – historical cultural heritage, that has a social meaning, fostering and preservation. The one thing that is needed and this would also definitely need the Culture ministry influence – is to find a partner on the side of Lithuanian museums“, – says the Lithuanian  General consul in Kaliningrad region Olegas Skinderskis.


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