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Once again about Donelaitis, Nadruva

Marijampolė’s K.Donelaitis society held a beautiful evening in Petras Kriaučiūnas public library, welcoming of Valentinas Juraitis photo album NADRUVA.Donelaičio takais. Photo gallery was supplemented with recently published Valentinas Juraitis photo album “Nadruva”.  

To the participants of the evening, author revealed that in order to make this book cognitive he took historical facts and short text from the past while presenting today’s image of the area.

That is the principle of long-distance consultation. Detecting immovable objects, the author plays with light and shadow effects, and gives a new life to things and trees as if trying to bring the viewer back to the past: Karaliaučius, Įsrutis, Skaisgiriai, Pabėtai, Tolminkiemis... And every name of the place contains information, associations, all that’s possible having the largest amount of cultural heritage knowledge.


On the roads of K.Donelaitis after 300 years

On October 28-29, the Ministry of Culture invited delegation of 40 people to Kaliningrad (Karaliaučius) area to participate in the events devoted to 300th birth anniversary of Donelaitis and to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the museum K.Donelaitis in Tolminkiemis. Throughout the journey delegations from various organizations (representatives from Seimas, Ministers of Culture and Foreign Affairs, society of K.Donelaitis, Lithuanian Writers and Artists association, academia, culture, representatives of education and art from Klaipėda, Kybartai) were accompanied by the staff of Embassy in Karaliaučius – acting Consul Vytautas Umbrasas and cultural attaché Romanas Senapėdis. We travelled by reading passages, listening to stories and the history of the region from N.Kitkauskas whom is also nicknamed as live encyclopedia.


In Marijampolė -- monument for K.Donelaitis

On November 22, 2013 in Marijampolė, at little square near Evangelic-lutheran church was opened monument for Kristijonas Donelaitis. Author -- sculptor Zigmas Buterlevičius.

At the celebration of the opening of monument representatives from local authorities, Lithuanian Parlament, Marijampolė K.Donelaitis society,  also guests from Kaliningrad region, Gumbinė (Gusev) and Įsrutis (Nesterov) took part. 

The monument is dedicated to 300 anniversary of K.Donelaitis, money for monument were collected from many citizens of marijampole and surroundings, bussiness institutions.  


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